Christmas tree

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the most classic and widespread symbol of this anniversary. Today on the market there are all types, real and fake firs, already decorated with optical fibers, snow-covered, etc. If the tree is real, in general, it is used to keep it in the garden or in any case outside, in the case of a fake tree, it is almost always kept at home and surrounded by gifts. Tradition has it that the tree is prepared on the day of the Immaculate Conception (8 December) and is put away after the Epiphany (6 January); it is decorated with all kinds of objects, lights, balls, biscuits, pendants of all shapes, Santa Clauses, stars, hearts, snow and so on. As everyone knows, the most used and widespread decorations are balls, which can also take on different shapes such as bells, pine cones, stalactites, etc., there are all the materials, fantastic and beautiful but very delicate are those in blown glass. Then there are the lights, ... continue

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continue ..., even those we find an infinite number of variations and shapes, with music or not. Generally, an elongated or star-shaped tip is placed on the tip of the tree and someone sprinkles a little spray snow on the branches, very useful for recreating the Christmas atmosphere. As mentioned above, there are also decorations for the Christmas tree that can be made by us, of great effect and inexpensive, for example with dried fruit, biscuits, salt or bread dough etc.

By now the tradition of setting up the Christmas tree has spread a little around the world, but for a long time it remained a typical gesture of the regions of the north of the Rhine, because Catholics considered it a pagan tradition. Currently the Christmas traditions of decorating the tree etc. they are particularly felt in German-speaking Europe where many Christmas markets are set up.

Of course, when setting up the Christmas tree the happiest are the children, they work hard to help their parents get the most beautiful tree and they are proud of it, they are committed to attaching the balls, festoons and other objects of decoration. During the Christmas holidays, there is no home that does not bring inside or outside a Christmas tree full of decorations and lights but, in this period, it is also nice to walk through the streets of the city and enjoy the spectacle of the large trees of Christmas set up by the Common pots.

Seeing a Christmas tree decorated and wrapped in lights with many gift packages at your feet is always a wonderful and magical sight that gives happiness.

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